Below is a list of both runners looking for a pacer and pacers who are looking for a runner to pace. To have your name added to this list please fill out the form found at the bottom of the page. If you see someone you would like to contact, their email can be found with [at] replacing the @ symbol and you may feel free to get in touch. If you find someone and you would like your name removed from the list please send another email to us.

Runners looking for a pacer:

  • Name: Mike Gee; pacer wanted anywhere after 60 miles; Contactjokergee[at]; Goal: under 30 hours.

  • Name: Melinda Hooper; pacer wanted anywhere after 60 miles; Contact: msh2oper[at]; Goal: ~27 hours

  • Name: Terence Casey; Manidokan (mile 69.2) to Brunswick (90.4); Contact: terencecasey[at]; Goal: under 30 hours

  • Name: Tim Hammet; pacer wanted last 30 miles; Contact: timsbike[at]; Goal: ~20 hours

  • Name: Jim Fitch; pacer wanted anytime last 40 miles; Contact: jim.fitchii[at]; Goal: under 30 hours

    Pacers looking for a runner:

      Pacer Information Form

      If you would like your information added to the list of runners/pacers looking for their other half, please fill out the following form and email it to cocanal100[at] Submissions will be posted within approximately 24-48 hours.


      Runner or Pacer:


      Email address:


      100 mile goal (pace or finish time):

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