The C&O Canal 100 mile race takes places on the scenic C&O Canal each year during the final weekend in April. The race starts and finishes at Camp Manidokan near Knoxville, Maryland.

The C&O Canal 100 course is almost entirely flat and offers plenty of opportunities for success both with new 100 mile runners and old veterans who are up for a challenge on a beautiful course.

The 2023 date will be April 29 - 30, 2023. Registration opens on January 1st, 2023 at 10AM EST.

2022 Race Update

Final results for the 2022 race can be found here

After a modified race format in 2021 due to COVID-19 we are optimistic about a return to a more normal race  experience in 2022 but will be prepared for a variety of circumstances. You can read a summary about potential contingency plans here based on pandemic conditions on race day. The website has been updated to reflect the most optimistic plan based on what the race looked like pre-2020. One change to the registration process will be that the Patagonia Houdini Jackets will not be available at registration and instead a limited number will be available for purchase Friday/Saturday before the race on a first come first serve basis. This change is due to supply chain interruptions and the potential that not all sizes will be available by race day.

The largest obstacle to having the race in 2022 remains unchanged from 2021 and that is we need to find plenty of volunteers! To encourage runners to sign up to volunteer as a way to earn a credit on the 2023 race, a new system has been developed for runners who spend 12 hours or more volunteering at the race. You can find details of that system hereA link to sign up as a volunteer is currently open on Ultrasignup.

2022 Race Details

Race swag: A C&O Canal 100 Race Singlet is included with registration and all finishers will receive a belt buckle.

Post-race meal: A post-race meal from Chipoltle is included with registration and will be available at the finish for all runners. It is not possible to purchase extra meal tickets for friends/family.

Electronic timing: We will be using electronic timing at all aid stations which will simplify the timing process giving you better access to your live splits. Your friends and family will be able to track your progress during the race and know where you are on the course.

Drop bag - Drop bags will be permitted at Brunswick AS, and Manidokan AS. 

We will still be enforcing the strict drop-bag size limits. Brunswick drop bags will need to follow WS100 dimensions (6″x8″x16″) or be smaller. If your drop bag is larger, we won't accept it. We simply do not have enough room to transport huge drop bags or store them at the aid stations. There are no size restrictions for drop bags placed at Manidokan AS. Victory Sportsdesign has generously offered a 10% off discount to buy their drop bags for all entrants, or you can make your own drop bag that conforms to the dimensions.



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C&O 100 2022 Course Map

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C&O 100 2022 Course Description

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